Light music in your smartphone: Disco Light app

If you want to create an atmosphere suitable for a party anywhere, you can turn listening to any track from your smartphone into an amazing performance. To do this, you should pre-install a program called Disco Light. With this program, your smartphone with the Android operating system starts flashing a flashlight and a screen that changes colours in the clock of the sounding composition too. But, these are not all useful properties of this program. Also, this program offers all users several popular flashing modes, which are well known to every person who has ever been to a nightclub.

Turn your smartphone into a music device

First, you should upload the installation file to your smartphone. There are such files in the Android operating system, and they have an extension type «.apk.» Those users who are familiar with Windows know that the extension «.exe» is used there. Since the developers release this program for free, you can also start Android apk downloads without any obstacles from special sites or Play Market. Also, we want to say that you should download the Disco Light app and Expressvpn for Android from one of the specialized sites. This method is simple, fast, and such, which helps to get acquainted with the assortment of programs that Play Market is unlikely to be able to offer for download.

Disco Light functions in any currently supported version of the Android operating system. That’s why you can install it even on the most regular smartphones. Once you have downloaded your apk file, you should click on it to start the installation. All these procedures will not take much time of yours, but this program will be ready for use immediately after them.

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Disco lights

 Disco Light modes

  1. The first mode is «Light Music». It makes the user’s mobile device wink with the screen and flashlight in the clock of the music being played.
  2. In the second mode, called «Stroboscope», you will see beautiful light flashes with a custom frequency. The strobe effect is probably familiar to everyone who’s ever been to a disco, so we’d better not describe what it looks like.
  3. In the third mode, Disco Light offers an improved flashlight in which all the available brightness in the smartphone is set to maximum. In addition, this program allows users to turn on and off the flashlight without removing their device from lock.
  4. In the fourth mode, on the screen of your device flash of different colours, if you shake your smartphone.
  5. The last mode is called «Morse code». You can use its features and each user can create individual text in the settings. This program will display this in the form of Morse code, using light flashes of the appropriate length for this.

«Light Music» is the most interesting mode. To activate it, you should find the mode with the corresponding name, which is located on the left, press this and the green button that appears at the bottom.

The main feature of the Disco Light is that it listens to music that sounds via a smartphone or any other device that is nearby. For listening to third-party devices, this program activates the microphone on your device. Then, it picks up the light music according to the vibrations of the sound waves it picked up. In order for Disco Light to function correctly, you don’t have to keep it active. So, you can end this program and it will continue to work.

Do not forget that the developers of this program support this program regularly. This is the reason why they make the functioning of the Disco Light more perfect with each update. You will see more shades and effects. Also, soon, the creators of the program promise their users new modes so that they can make their home party even more colourful and memorable.

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