What is KMSAuto NET activator, and how to use it?

KMSAuto NET is a free, reliable, and open-source activator widely used for popular Microsoft products. It supports various Windows OS versions, from XP and Vista to the latest 7, 8, and 10 versions. Additionally, it extends its compatibility to all versions of Microsoft Office, including the 2023 release.

The remarkable popularity of this activator can be attributed to its stable and reliable performance over more than ten years. Users have come to trust and rely on its consistent functionality, making it a go-to choice for activating Microsoft products.

How to use

Before utilizing the KMSAuto NET activator, it is crucial to ensure that your computer meets all the technical requirements of the product. This step will help guarantee a smooth and successful activation process. Moreover, it is important to note that Microsoft considers KMSauto-Net “unwanted” software. As a result, the built-in security system of Windows and various antivirus programs often flag KMSauto as an unfriendly program.

This is primarily due to its ability to activate licensed products that users are typically expected to purchase. However, it is important to understand that KMSauto is a tool for educational and testing purposes, and its usage should be within the bounds of legality and ethical considerations.

For the smooth operation of the program, it is highly recommended to disable Windows Defender before proceeding with the download and launch of KMSauto. Additionally, it is advisable to temporarily disable any antivirus programs installed on your PC during the activation process.

A woman using the KMSAuto NET activator

If you prefer not to disable the antivirus programs, you can ignore their notifications while downloading and launching the KMS program. To get started, ensure you have downloaded the latest version of KMSauto onto your PC. Once you have the program archive, locate and run the KMSauto-Net.exe file as an administrator. You may need to enter the archive password specified in the accompanying text file.

After running the file, the KMSauto toolbar will appear, allowing you to select the desired Microsoft product and its specific version from the provided list. Once you have selected, click the “Activate” button and patiently wait for the activation process to complete.

Once a window appears confirming the successful activation of the product, it is recommended to restart your PC to finalize the process and ensure the changes take effect.

Additional functions

The KMSauto toolbar offers a range of additional functionalities, including PC disk space optimization, junk file cleaning, and a tool to enhance processor performance. To access these features:

  1. Reopen the KMSAuto NET panel and select the “System” option.
  2. Within the user-friendly menu, choose the desired function and click “Run.”
  3. Remember to restart your system after each action for the changes to take effect.
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