Development of IT sphere in Uzbekistan: state support and optimistic future

The IT sector in Uzbekistan is actively developing with the support of top government officials such as Shavkat Mirziyoyev. This is actively promoted by initiatives such as Uzinfocom. It is responsible for developing and supporting the Government’s information systems and operates the e-Government Data Center. The Public Services Agency, established in 2017 under the Ministry of Justice, provides public services to individuals and legal entities. With over 200 Public Services Centers in districts, including several dozen branches in remote areas, citizens can access traditional public services conveniently.

Current situation

The researchers found the Public Services Centers in Nukus and Bukhara well-structured and up-to-date. These Centers also enable citizens to access online government services through the “Unified Portal of Interactive Public Services.”

The portal offers separate citizen and business services, with a mobile application available. It is also on Telegram, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, providing information in Uzbek and Russian. The Public Services Agency conducts regular surveys on public services, and the results are published on their social media accounts. In 2020, the Government launched the myGov mobile application to access electronic government services. Almost all of Uzbekistan’s banks offer online banking services, with mobile apps available for individuals.

Respondents mention a shortage of professionals in various IT fields, such as Java developers, UI/UX designers, mobile app developers, information security professionals, QA specialists, machine learning experts, and data scientists. IT project management, sales management, digital marketing, and digital training professionals are also in high demand.

Young man from Uzbekistan uses online government services

The future of the industry

Partnerships between the Government, IT Park, and Tashkent City Khokimyat can foster innovative digital solutions for effective governance, economic growth, and climate resilience. These partnerships can also expedite the integration of government systems and the development of data-driven solutions and mobile applications for government services. The local private sector partners are also involved.

Uzbekistan can introduce market education programs and digital payment information campaigns to enhance financial literacy among rural and underserved populations. These initiatives highlight the benefits of digital payments, such as cashback rewards, mobile app usage, and QR payments, while emphasizing the importance of consumer rights protection and cybersecurity.

The IT sector in Uzbekistan is growing rapidly due to the Government’s support and initiatives such as Uzinfocom. Despite some challenges, there are many opportunities for growth within this industry. The country can benefit from partnerships between the public and private sectors that focus on developing digital solutions for effective governance, economic growth, and climate resilience. Additionally, market education programs and digital payment information campaigns should be implemented to enhance financial literacy among rural populations. With these strategies in place, it’s clear that Uzbekistan has a bright future in its IT sphere development.

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