Purpose of creation of sites for downloading programmes

The average user downloads any programme to his smartphone through a service such as the Play Market. At the same time, he may be interested in the feasibility of creating those sites that offer users download free android apps from their catalogues.

Google policy

In the official Google app store, there are so many useful programmes that many do not understand why they need even more. But in fact, the situation with the range and availability of some software is far from as good as you might think at first glance. We can give some answers to this issue. First, due to China’s trade opposition to the US, many Chinese smartphone manufacturers have been banned from installing all Google plugins exclusively. And it is not about that now Play Market or Maps will disappear from some Chinese small sites. On the contrary, now even many popular brands will not have it, which sells their products in all countries of the world.

Second, Google will not allow its services to tarnish its reputation. That is why many unique programmes can not even get on the “shelves” of such a store as Play Market. First of all, it is adult content, various hacker chips and programmes that are a more successful counterpart of Google services. However, these are not minor programmes, and you should understand how to download them to your smartphone. That’s why you should bypass Google’s restrictions and then open a good online directory and download any application you like as apk files. Next, we will explain what apk-files are.

The essence of apk-files

APK is an extension that the installation files have on the Android operating system. That is, it is the analogue of the files that are distributed in the Windows operating system with extension EXE. And both types of files work the same way. So you should first download them on your smartphone and then activate their successful install.


Here, we can compare the installation of mobile software through the Play Market and independent sites. However, they will allow you to do not so much action. So, the course of action will be as follows:

  1. Finding a unique programme.
  2. Download apk file.
  3. Find this file on your smartphone.
  4. Activating the programme installation by clicking on the apk file.
  5. Waiting for the programme to be installed and removing the apk file.

We want to remind you that today, this algorithm looks even simpler. The fact is that you do not have to look for the installation file because the Android system creates a label for such a file on the interface of your device. Also, many developers sew into the programme a command that automatically removes apk after installation. So you don’t have to look for that file later.


Many users ask questions about the security of downloading software from special websites when downloading it. You should remember that you will get exactly the same risk as in the case of the Play Market. Also, the security of your smartphone is ensured, because:

  1. When the first uploading of the programme is freely available, the security system of each decent site independently checks this file for virus and vulnerabilities.
  2. After that, the site will create a unique digital signature that the programme and its developer has subsequently. Using a signature, they can easily post updates. At the same time, attackers can’t harm this file.

This is why you should download and install apk from free online directories no more dangerous than installing programmes from the official Play Market.

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