What are bitcoin mixers, and what are they for?

Bitcoin mixers allow BTC users to anonymize the amount of currency. It works so that coins are sent to a mixer that is blended with other users’ BTC and then sent back from different addresses, making it much harder to trace the origin. If you want to feel more anonymous, use the https://yomix.io mixer. It will please you with minimal commissions, reliable guarantees, and stable work.

Why use them?

Generally, there are several reasons why someone might want to use these services. The first and most significant reason is the desire for maximum privacy so no one can trace BTC transactions and link them to a person’s identity. This is a pressing issue because, despite the widespread perception that the bitcoin environment is safe and anonymous, that is not entirely true.

Your data can be declassified by unscrupulous exchangers, on which you will buy or sell your coins. Or it may happen that a stock or an exchanger will be hacked, and the scammers will find out how many bitcoins are in your wallet, and if it turns out to be a lot of them, you become a potential victim of the robbery. Mixers break the chain of blocks so that no one can find out what balance is stored in your wallet.


Types of bitcoin mixers

There are two main categories of bitcoin mixers: centralized and decentralized. The main difference is that centralized ones have access to the user’s logs and IP address, which only guarantees complete data privacy. However, decentralized ones sever ties between the bitcoin address and the natural person, providing the highest level of confidentiality.

Pros and cons

While bitcoin mixers are a popular and sought-after way to maintain anonymity, their use can have some drawbacks. But let’s start with the pros. And here, of course, we should mention the fact that these services provide:

  1. Complete anonymity.
  2. Breaking the connection between the user’s transaction logs and his identity.
  3. Thus eliminating risks for those who like to play big with vast amounts of bitcoins in their accounts.
  4. Mixers are also good at helping organizations that do anonymous philanthropy. No third party, neither civil nor governmental, will be able to trace the amount in the wallet and where and in what amount the donation occurred.

As for the disadvantages, there is only one, and it concerns only unscrupulous mixers. The fact is that the administration of fake mixers can cheat their customers, stealing coins from them. This can be avoided if you will use adequate services like Yo!Mix.

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