Our custom event options are a perfect way to virtually ‘gather’ 5-30 people in your life. Whether you have an existing event planned or would like us to help organize one for you, we can facilitate a range of fun and unconventional ways to eat, drink and chill. 

Gather your loved ones, co-workers or send it as a gift. Purchase a reservation date, give us the deets and we’ll handle the rest! 



    Learning a new language and sick of practicing boring phrases like “where is the library?” Need someone new to practice with outside your app?

     Mix it up and learn wine terms instead! We offer conversational language classes and practice sessions with our bilingual wine experts and wine makers from all over the world! 


    We’ll help you curate the perfect wine for your event or gift list. We source only quality wines made by women, BIPOC and small family run wineries. We’ll work with you to pair wines with your menu, your theme and your people. You will come away with a unique menu of special wines that your guests will always remember. We can ship anywhere in California or connect you directly to the winery if you live outside of our region.