Q. So, how does this work?
1.) Head to the bar to purchase a card for any dollar amount that you choose.
2.) Get your glass from above or below one of the tasting machines.
3.) Select a wine from one of the machines.
4.) Insert your card into the machine housing your wine selection.
5.) Hold your glass under the selected spout.
6.) Press the button above your selected spout.
7.) Taste your wine.
8.) Repeat steps 3 through 7…

Q. How many different wines are there?
A. There are 72 different wines on the tasting machines.

Q. Are they all from California?
A. No, the wines are hand selected from all over the world.

Q. Are the wines arranged in any order?
A. Yes, the red wines on the round machines are arranged according to price. The least expensive wines are on the front round and they get more expensive as you get closer to the bar. The wines in the machines against the wall are white wines in no particular order. We also organize select flights in one of the machines against the wall. For example, Pinot Noir flight or Italian Flight, French flight etc.

Q. Can I have more than one splash of the wines?
A. Yes, you may hit the button several times giving yourself a glass.

Q. Do you serve wines by the glass?
A. Yes, we serve a few unique house wines by the glass each night. We choose a couple of reds, a couple of whites and a few sparkling wines to serve by the glass. Also, all wines on the machine are available by the glass by pushing the button five times and we are happy to do that for you if you are looking for that full service experience.

Q. Do you serve wines by the bottle?
A. Yes, all of our wines are available by the bottle at a discounted rate. They are available to go or to dine in. If you would like to enjoy your bottle at Splash there is a minimal $5.00 corkage fee.

Q. If we don’t want to go through the tasting experience and just care to sit and sip on wine and be waited on do you offer that?
A. Yes. We understand that at times you just want to come in after work and be waited on. Just let us know and we are happy to accommodate you. We can serve you wine by the glass or bottle and food service as well. We just can’t taste for you!

Q. What do we do if we still have money left on our card?
A. The card does not expire for one year, so feel free to take the card with you and bring it back the next time you come in. Or if you would like to donate the remainder of your card value, just insert it into the box for donation. Splash donates that money each month to a selected charity.

Q. What do we do with the card if we use all the money?
A. If you would like to keep tasting, just bring the card to the register and we can add more money to your card. Or if you are finished please return your card to the counter.

Q. Do you rent the space out for private parties?
A. Yes, we do rent it out on Sundays or Mondays for a minimum food and beverage commitment. Please inquire further for more information. It is a great space for a group or corporate event.